Igor Ansoff

Founder Chairman (Deceased 2002)

Pioneer and Father of Strategic Management

Internationally acclaimed as the Pioneer and Father of Strategic Management, Igor was the first management guru to recognize the need for strategic planning for firms operating in the increasingly complex and turbulent environment. Known worldwide for his research in three specific areas: the concept of environmental turbulence; the contingent strategic success paradigm; and real-time strategic management, Igor was sought by corporations around the world for his management theories and had consulted with hundreds of MNCs including Philips, General Electric, Gulf, IBM, Sterling Europa, Westinghouse, and KBB in the Netherlands.

Author of more than 120 published papers and articles translated in 8 languages, Igor’s books on planning, strategy and management thinking lead the field in applying strategic thinking to businesses, bridging the gap between concepts and practice.

Igor received many international honors. Among them; Fellow, International Academy of Management, and Honorary Chairman, Strategic Management Society of Japan (in 1986) where he received five honorary Doctorates; Helsinki School of Academica, Finland; Academia Italiana di Economia Aziendale, Italy; University of Bath, United Kingdom; Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden; Twente University as Honorary Visiting Professor, Manchester Business School, United Kingdom; and Fellow American Academy of Management, United States.

Igor founded Ansoff Associates International with the mission of helping companies worldwide to grow profitably. Originated from the US, it expanded into Europe and later into Asia with the establishment of Ansoff Associates (Asia) 15 years ago, marking Igor's latest effort to develop Ansoff Associates International's presence worldwide. Based in Singapore, Ansoff Associates (Asia) serves as its regional headquarter to bring Ansoff's methodology and expertise to the growth region of Asia. Today, the Ansoff Institute continues Igor's work in the field of strategic management in developing and translating strategic management technologies into practical applications.